About Us

Spray on Metals is a company that focuses on the cold metal spray application. It is a division of the leading All Surface Respray company in Ireland, with over 20 years of experience in the field.

Our thrust is to provide professional quality coating services, bringing beautiful structures and creations to higher standards in terms of visual aesthetics, design and utility.

We aim to transform these structures and creations by providing quality metal finishes to almost any type of surface material available.


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Aside from our aim for excellence in terms of the outcome we produce, we take extra effort for customer service. We take extra time, effort and much study in creating quality outcomes that can make a big difference in the projects we have on hand. Our quality materials combined with our state of the art machines and professional applicators is what sets us apart from other spray-painting providers.

Other services

Kitchen Respray

Kitchen Respray

Kitchen Transformations

We are Kitchen Respray.com. We are Irelands leading kitchen respray company.
Furniture Respray

Furniture Respray

Factory finish

Commercial or Domestic. find out more about furniture painting at All Surface Respray
UPVC Respray

UPVC Respray

Spray existing PVC insitu

Spray PVC on or off site. See more at All Surface Respray
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