• High Efficiency, Low Downtime.

The process of cold metal application that we use here at Spray on Metal, generates higher efficiency in terms of the work since the length of application is quick and easy. There is also little downtime since the process makes it possible to produce quality outputs quickly. We take pride in producing quality work at high efficiency. Our skilled staffs and 15 years of expertise in the field of refurbishing for All Surface Respray, is our legacy and testament of our pride and dedication to producing quality results.

  • No-heat Application.

The process of no heat application when spraying on the substrate or object helps reduce the level of oxidation of the metal component once applied. This in turn leads to a more durable coating.

  • Durable – Quality coating with excellent density and adhesion.

The procedure used by Spray on Metal is guaranteed to produce durable and quality outcomes. Since there is no heat induced during the spraying processed, it results to excellent adhesion and density of the metal coating. Because the products we use are made from 95% metal, the output will not only look like a real polished metal but will have the properties of a real metal as well. This makes it ideal for indoor and outdoor applications.

  • Adds Aesthetic Value – Extremely Versatile.

Cold metal spray application adds aesthetic value to any surface by giving any substrate the look and properties of a real-cast metal. Since the application is done by the process of cold spraying, it can adhere to almost any type of surface, even ones with intricate designs.  

  • Cost-Efficient & Economical.

For a fraction of the cost of casting and molding real hot-cast metals, you get to have the same quality metal outcome without the casting and molding process – which means more time, effort and money saved! Spray on Metal is a solution that’s not only cost-efficient and economical, but also one that produces the best results!

Our studio creates beautiful, thriving places through the design of essential building types that make up a community. We call it the Collaborative Community Design.

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