Leave any surface looking and feeling like real hot-cast metal. Not only will the finished product look like a real metal, but it will also be made from real metal. Because the product we use is actually made up from 95% metal.

What makes a store/shop’s interior design so inviting?

Have you ever walked into a shop feeling so attracted to the place that you felt moved to buy what they offer? We all have that store that we just can’t get enough of, that store that makes you look good and feel so elegant just by being there. Well, that’s what we call the captivating interior design of a shop, which is the perfect combination of excellent products and services amplified by the well laid out interior design and exquisite displays.

Maintaining a clean, elegant and inviting but professional look in the interior of a shop is crucial for any business that wants to capture and engage their potential customers.  From the moment a customer sees your store front and decides to enter your store to check out what products/services you offer up to the moment they make a purchase while making them feel good is the whole process where marketing is at work on your customer. Believe it or not, how your store is projected to your customers plays a major role in ensuring that your customers are engaged from start to end. Studies show that the interior design of a shop directly influences a customer’s buying behaviour. Simply put, the overall design of a shop could either make or break a business’ success. To find out what makes a store so inviting, any business owner must place themselves in the shoes of their customers to see what they see and where they’re coming from.

From a customer’s viewpoint, here are the following points that matter.

  • Captivating Signage

The first thing that a customer notices of a shop is their signage with the business name. The more defined and unique it is, the more likely it is that your customers will remember it.

Most probably, the gold-coated lettering of your well-placed signage will have a better impact and character than just some wooden business signage.

  • Attractive Window Displays

Once your potential customer becomes engaged, the way you present your window displays will provide them with a glimpse of what’s in store inside for them.

  • Creative Interior Design

When they do decide to enter, your creative interior design and layout for your shop will do the work of inviting them further into your store, making them long for the products that your business offers. Designs like bronze coloured walls or creative aluminium sculptures add more personality to any interior design.

  • Elegant Racks & Fixtures.

The right presentation of a product adds more value to any item. Elegant racks coated in brass or bronze give a more rustic and vintage look, while stainless fixtures give it a more clinical yet professional vibe.

  • Welcoming check-out counters

Last, having friendly cashier personnel for check out of purchases stationed along attractive aluminium or bronze polished counters (that match the store’s theme), make the perfect combination for an inviting counter.


Want to refurbish your store’s old look? Or create a store that attracts and engages customers? Transform your store by creating captivating storefronts and interior designs that attract your target market with Spray on Metal’s cold metal spray application. Our system of metal application is ideal for both indoor and outdoor display since the application provides any substrate not only the look, but also the properties of real metal, making it extremely durable yet elegant looking.

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